class of `07

class of oo7. license to kill.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

hey everyone!
omg. i cant WAIT til tomorrow! i am literally counting SECONDS!!!!!!!!! i got to talk to mrs hamstra a little bit last night and she just said to tell everyone to bring whatever they want. we're gonna have a pizza party, and its gonna be so much fun. i hope the whole blow-up picture thing is going well - i think she'll love it. anyway, cant wait to see mrs hamstra tomorrow and all of you guys! the whole shock thing is a lot better now, but i think we're all still stunned. i know that, to me, mrs hamstra is still there. it feels like she's just on vacation and we're having a sub until she comes back. we all miss her and love her. once again, if any of you ever need anything, i'm here. i love you all! <333
<3 marissa :D
i just cant WAIT until tomorrow! for once, i'm kinda glad daylight savings is tonight! that makes me wait an hour less!!!!!! :D